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Do you want to stand your website on the first page of google search results for high demand keywords?

Do you know the search terms/ keywords used by your site visitors search you on the web?

We are professionals in Search Engine Optimization [SEO Services Sri Lanka] and we analyze your business and find high demand, mostly used keywords for you. Then we optimize your website to move it to the top of the search results for those high demand keywords.

We always use white hat techniques to do Search Engine Optimization [SEO Services Sri Lanka]. Because it's the most secure and easiest way gets more benefits.

SEO is not an overnight process. Quality SEO Services takes time to show results.


Let your business to grow slowly but surely on the web!

Whether you are a giant company or a small or medium scale business in Sri Lanka, your success online is totally depends on one thing and it's called Search Engine Optimization.  There are plenty of techniques available online to overtake search engine optimization and it's really expensive. These shortcut and expensive methods may give you better results for a short-term or until you finish your budget on marketing.  Best long-term and reliable method are to follow correct search engine optimization techniques.

Why should select us as your SEO service provider in Sri Lanka?

There are good and quality SEO Service providers in Sri Lanka but, we should explain the reason to select us as your search engine optimization services Sri Lanka. 

The main reason is our low budget SEO package. We clearly understand that we are a third world developing country. Local businesses in Sri Lanka is still booming. Local business is not very much capable of spending big budgets for their search engine optimization agency. Our SEO packages are really reasonable and transparent for anyone. We are a small team but strong on technologies. There is no reason to charge higher amount from our clients but, we charge a very reasonable price for our search engine optimization services in Sri Lanka.

We don't use any third party SEO tools other than the google webmaster and google analytics. Google webmaster and google analytics are free tools available for anyone willing to use. Our SEO work is totally manual, we personally attend on your business websites and spending long hours to find better Search engine optimization results.

We spend enough time on research and developments.  We always in touch with Google and other search engines to find the changes/updates on their search engine optimization algorithms and apply our results to improve the visibility of your website on google and other search engine results.

To find out more about our SEO services and exactly how we can help you, contact us to discuss your needs today.

Let's find the best web solution for your business.  
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  1. Search Engine Optimization Audit Report  (on 1st Week)
  2. SEO recommendations on look and feel of your website Action Buttons, Header, Footer... (on 2nd Week)
  3. Keyword Rich Contents (on 3rd Week)
  4. Meta Tags, Keywords, Alt tags, H1 - H6 ... (on 4th Week)
  5. SEO friendly XML sitemap (on 5th Week)
  6. .HTACCESS, ROBOTS.TXT, 301 Re-Direction and more technical ... (on 6th Week)
  7. Page internal links (on 7th Week)
  8. External Links (from 8th - 13th Week)
  9. Search Engine Optimization Analytics reports (on 14th Week)
  10. Social Media Integration (on 15th Week)
  11. Final Results - on Google, Yahoo, Bing (on 16th Week)

30,000 LKR initial setup fee + 20,000 LKR per month



SEO is not an overnight process. Quality SEO Services takes time to show results.

Let your business to grow slowly but surely on the web!


Need to move your website to the top of Google search results?

It's time to do an SEO Audit
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Our SEO audit includes...
Keyword Search, Meta Tags, Image Optimization, Page loading speed, Internal Links and External Links, Page Ranking, Social Media Integration, Link with google maps, Quality videos, Keyword Rich Contents, Competitor Analysis and more topics to consult you to improve your website to get more business online.

Starting from 5,999 LKR*

*Conditions Apply